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New Zealand’s most advanced sports 4×4

Bold and undeniably dynamic, the new Series 2 SportsCat V and SportsCat SV are in a league of their own. One glance at their striking and sophisticated lines is enough to get your heart pumping. Get behind the wheel and you’ll quickly discover you’re in complete control of a 4×4 that takes driving dynamics to a whole new level. If you’re looking for New Zealand’s premium sports 4×4 range, you’ve found it.

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SportsCat SV shown with optional Sailplane



Both SportsCat models are powered by a 2.8 litre double overhead cam 4-cylinder common-rail injection Duramax Turbo Diesel engine that offers 147kW of power and up to 500Nm of torque when specified with the optional 6-speed automatic transmission. A 6-speed manual transmission is standard fitment.

In addition to its stylish good looks, SportsCat’s hard tonneau also features handy accessory rails to help accommodate a range of storage options. The clever design of the hard tonneau also includes a “quick-release” hinge mechanism for easy and rapid removal of the lid for those instances where further cargo height is required in the tub.


The same brand as used on the GTSR range, this premium brake package features forged 4-piston fixed head calipers with large brake master cylinders and 362mm x 32mm front rotors to deliver superior pedal feel and braking performance, and comes standard on SportsCat SV and is available as an option on SportsCat V.


SupaShock Suspension, as introduced to the Australian market on HSV’s iconic GTSR W1, is available as a factory-fitted option on both SportsCat V and SportsCat SV, taking the vehicle’s suspension capabilities to another level yet again. Their adoption helps deliver superior performance and road grip without compromising ride quality or body control.


SportsCat’s 4WD system features a position shift control switch located on the centre floor console.

Key settings include:

  • Two-Wheel High – ideal for driving in most street and highway situations. The front axle is not engaged in Two-Wheel High.
  • Four-Wheel High – engages the front axle and is useful on snowy or icy roads, or in most off-road situations.
  • Four-Wheel Low – engages the front axle for extra traction. It sends the maximum power to all four wheels and is ideal when heading off-road. In this setting the Rear De-Coupling Anti-Roll Bar is disengaged.


Adopting a unique profile to the seat base, along with larger bolsters for added driver and front passenger support, SportsCat’s seats feature Windsor Suede inserts with red stitching highlights.


SportsCat’s leather-wrapped sports profile steering wheel features red highlight stitching for that added touch of individuality and style.


The MyLink Infotainment System includes an array of user-friendly technologies such as an 8” Colour Touch-screen, embedded Satellite Navigation, Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB+) Digital Radio, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto phone projection technology and a premium 7-speaker audio system.


SportsCat’s dash pad is covered in perforated leather and Windsor suede to enhance the premium appeal of the cabin.


Your cabin comfort is assured with SportsCat’s electronic climate control keeping interior climate at just the right temperature.

Alloy Wheels

Stylish new 18” x 10” 6-spoke forged alloy wheels in matte black, make their debut as standard equipment on both models. These light-weight alloys are wrapped in Cooper Zeon LTZ Pro Sports All-terrain tyres that are a hybrid between a sports-truck tyre and an all-terrain tyre. In addition to their rugged off-road capability, these hybrid tyres were specially selected by HSV’s chassis engineers for their exceptional on-road performance characteristics, especially on tarmac and dirt roads.


The look of SportsCat’s rear-end is as unique and unmistakable as the front with the fitment of a custom rear applique. The tailgate also features “soft open” functionality for added convenience.


Adding form to function on both SportsCat models is a unique hard tonneau with alloy sports bar. This stylish hard cover features load rails for easy attachment of the genuine HSV roof-rack accessory, plus a quick-release mechanism for those times when you want to remove the hard tonneau to maximise storage height in the tub.

*SportsCat+ shown with optional Sail Plane.


SportsCat’s sportsbar delivers a rugged, yet sporty, profile to the rear of the cabin.


Inspired by high-end wakeboarding boats, and available as an option on SportsCat SV, a unique sailplane complements the striking design of the vehicle.

Engineered To Excite

Rear De-coupling Anti-roll Bar

Developed specifically for the SportsCat+ by HSV’s chassis engineers, the rear de-coupling anti-roll bar improves the higher speed road driving performance of the vehicle by controlling rear roll, and thereby improving overall vehicle balance and turn-in transient response.

The de-coupling feature ensures that when heading into rugged 4×4 territory, the vehicle’s suspension settings can be optimised for off-road performance: the system is automatically de-activated upon the driver’s (“shift-on-the-fly”) selection of Four-Wheel Low.


SportsCat’s stylish alloys are wrapped in Cooper Zeon LTZ Pro Sports All-Terrain tyres. These Cooper tyres are a hybrid between a sports-truck tyre and an all-terrain tyre and, in addition to their rugged off-road properties, were specially selected by HSV’s chassis engineers for their outstanding on-road performance characteristics, both on tarmac and dirt roads. The overall size of the tyres (285/60 R18), and their rolling radius, also delivers a 20mm increase in vehicle ride height^.

^Compared to Holden Colorado Z71.


SportsCat sits approximately 45mm higher at the front^ with ~20mm emanating from the adoption of the Cooper tyre package and a further 25mm as a consequence of the front-end having been lifted. This increased ride height assists ground clearance and aids the vehicle’s off-road competency.

^Compared to Holden Colorado Z71.


Both SportsCat models feature HSV Sports suspension with the front spring rate stiffened to 110 Newtons/mm. This spring rate helps deliver outstanding front-end support with less body roll and more accurate transient response. The vehicle’s MTV dampers have also been tuned to suit this spring rate with the overall result being a more performance-based handling characteristic.

In addition to the increased spring rate, front ride height has been lifted by 25mm. This modification further improves the approach angle of the vehicle, increases ground clearance to the body and reduces the overall rake, delivering a more natural on-road stance.

^Compared to Holden Colorado Z71.

Hill Start Assist / Hill Descent Control

Hill Start Assist prevents the vehicle from rolling away when trying to pull away on an upward or downward gradient. The system engages automatically when a gradient is detected; it then acts to hold the SportsCat stationary after the brake is released, giving the driver time to apply the throttle. Hill Descent Control utilises the active braking capability of the ESC to maintain a controlled speed when travelling down-hill.

Trailer Sway Control

The Trailer Sway Control system detects the onset of instability in trailer towing situations and intervenes to keep the trailer under control. It does this by activating the brakes and reducing engine torque. TSC utilises the combination of ABS, Traction Control, Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Electronic Brake Assist to control wheel slip, reduce wheel-spin and enhance vehicle stability and predictability while accelerating and braking.

Roll-Over Mitigation

The Roll Over Mitigation function constantly monitors the vehicle’s behaviour with the help of the ESC sensors, and intervenes when the vehicle senses a roll-over situation. Roll Over Mitigation brakes individual wheels and reduces the driving torque to prevent roll over and to stabilize the vehicle.


Both SportsCat models have a maximum towing capacity of 3,500kg (braked) and 750kg (unbraked).

Rain Sensing Wipers

The rain sensor, located behind the internal rear-view mirror, detects the amount of water on the windscreen and automatically regulates the frequency of the windscreen wipers.

Forward Collision Alert

Forward Collision Alert, with Head Up Warning, uses a digital camera mounted on the windscreen with state-of-the-art image processing to observe and warn you of vehicles slowing down ahead. When approaching a vehicle too quickly, the system provides a flashing alert and rapidly beeps. The system also provides a visual alert if following a vehicle too closely.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning helps to combat distraction and drowsiness on the road. It alerts you to any unintentional lane departures with an audible warning, keeping you and your passengers on the right track.

Personalise your Colorado SportsCat

Automatic Transmission

Both SportsCat models feature the optional availability of a 6-speed automatic transmission with Active Select. The provision of this transmission option also sees maximum torque increase to 500Nm.

SupaShock Suspension

Available as an option on both SportsCat V and SportsCat SV, these linear-style dampers are significantly larger than regular dampers, delivering superior performance and road grip without compromising ride quality or body control.

Load Rack

This durable and easy to load rack mounts seamlessly into the hard tonneau’s built-in accessory rails to provide increased carrying capability and the flexibility to carry those items that are difficult to fit in the cabin or the tub.

Load Master

The Load Master cargo management system allows you to partition the gear in the tub of your vehicle for easy access, while preventing it from sliding around and potentially causing damage to the tub and/or your equipment.

The Load Master cargo organiser simply slides into the T-channels on each side of the vehicle tub. An extending frame and flexible hinges on each end of the divider allow for both parallel and angled positioning, while two pockets along the length of the divider provide additional storage for smaller items.

The Load Master is made using high grade steel and fabric which is impact resistant, tough and durable. The clever construction means the Load Master can be adjusted and fixed or removed in seconds to allow maximum flexibility for any sized load.

Eye Bolt

The eyebolt attaches to the interior rail of the tub to assist you to tie down your equipment quickly and securely.


Custom moulded from highly durable materials, the bed-liner provides long lasting and stylish protection to help keep your SportsCat looking like new.

SportsCat Accessories

  • 12V Auxiliary Power System
  • Bonnet Protector (Smoked)
  • Cup Holder
  • Electric Trailer Brake Controller Package
  • Headlamp Protectors
  • Locking Wheel Nuts (Set of 4)
  • Off Road Vehicle Recovery Kit
  • Rear Steel Step Package
  • Load Racks
  • Seat Cover Package
  • Seat Inserts (Sheepskin)
  • Smartshades (Rear Doors)
  • Smartshades (Rear Window)
  • Snorkel Kit
  • Spare Wheel Lock Nut
  • Tie Down Strap Kit
  • Towing Package
  • Towing Package (Incl. Electric Trailer Brake Controller)
  • Tow Ball in Chrome (50mm)
  • Trailer Harness
  • Weathershields (Slimline)

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